Meson Player

Command line

You can launch Meson Player via command line and pass optional arguments to the application.

You can pass the following (in any order and/or quantity):

Additionally, you can pass either setup parameters or control commands

Setup Parameters

Setup parameters can only be passed when launching Meson Player, i.e. when there's no running instance of the application. That means that you can't configure the application on the fly.

Setup parameters has a format --<param-name>=<value> (e.g. --proxy=socks5://

Parameters passed via command line overwrite corresponding parameters from settings.ini files.

Consider the following invocation:

"C:\Program Files\Meson Player\mesonplayer.exe" --subdirs=false C:\Music --subdirs=true C:\Music\Band1\ C:\Music\Band2\Album\Track.flac --playback-mode=random --playback-mode=all_loop

This will:

  1. launch Meson Player;
  2. load all music files inside C:\Music, but not inside its subdirectories;
  3. add all music files inside C:\Music\Band1 and its subdirectories;
  4. add C:\Music\Band2\Album\Track.flac to the playlist;
  5. switch to random playback mode;
  6. add Internet-stream to a current list of music files;
  7. switch to "Loop Playlist" playback mode, and cancel the previous "playback-mode" parameter.

See a full list of allowed setup parameters.

Control commands

Control commands can be invoked when there's already a running instance of Meson Player. In that case when another instance is launched with a set of command line arguments, that instance will pass all arguments to the running instance, then return a result if neeeded.

Control commands has a format --cmd-<command-name> (e.g. --cmd-toggle-play)

Commands that start with --cmd-get- will return a result to stdout

user@localhost:~/mesonplayer $ ./mesonplayer --cmd-get-volume 32 user@localhost:~/mesonplayer $

You can only pass one command at a time, i.e. you can't do the following: mesonplayer --cmd-play --cmd-get-filename.

See a full list of allowed control comands.

You can also pass special parameters to running instance of Meson Player. Follow the above link to read about these parameters.