Meson Player


Some options can alter hotkeys behavior!

When on OSX, keep in mind that all CTRL's in this document refer to Command key, not to an actual CTRL key.

Main points:

  1. Right-click on any folder with music and select "Open in Meson Player". This will load all music files in this folder.
  2. Hold ALT. Type 123 on your NumPad. Release ALT. This will save all current tracks into the playlist located at: <your home directory>/.mesonplayer/playlists/123.m3u
  3. You can rename this playlist to something like 123 - My Music.m3u for convenience.
  4. To load this playlist in future do the following: Hold CTRL, type 123 on your NumPad, release CTRL.

If you want to manually craft your playlists then keep in mind that you also can use folders or even other playlists as playlist entries. Obviously, such playlists will only be supported by Meson Player.

The following M3U playlist is valid in Meson Player:

#EXTM3U D:/Music/Band_1/Track_1.mp3 D:/Music/Band_2 D:/Music/Band_3/album.pls