Meson Player

Hotkey modifiers

When on OSX, keep in mind that all CTRL's in this document refer to Command key, not to an actual CTRL key.

You may change default keyboard modifiers (CTRL, ALT, SHIFT) for keys.

By default there's a following layout:

Use mods-* parameters in settings.ini file or pass these parameters via command line.

For example, by default there are some main hotkeys that don't require any modifiers, therefore to enter a command (e.g. volume up) you just need to press a NumPad key. However, in that case you won't be able to use NumPad keys for any other means until you disable all hotkeys. If you need NumPad keys for your own purposes, then you can apply modifier(s) to command keys. Use mods-* parameters in settings.ini file. E.g. you can set mods-cmd=CTRL+ALT in settings.ini, so that any command will be executed only if you hold CTRL and ALT keys. That is, to jump to the next track you should press CTRL+ALT+NumPad 6 instead of NumPad 6.

You can completely disable a certain set of hotkeys. Specify a value OFF for a corresponding mods-* parameter.

SHIFT modifier is not supported on Windows.

Key modifiers should not overlap. For example, you should not set the same modifiers for loading playlists and for saving playlists. If you do so, then either first or second set of hotkeys will be inaccessible.