Meson Player

System playlists

You may invoke some additional commands via hotkeys that were not mentioned in basic hotkeys section. Usually they may come in handy if you hid the app's tray icon, so that you are unable to bring up the popup menu. To enter such a command you'll have to "load" a certain playlist. These playlists ID's begin with 00. After entering 00 you should enter a command ID:

For example, if you want to quit the application, you should load a playlist with ID 0011.

You must set system-playlists=true in settings.ini or via command line to enable these system playlists (they're enabled by default, though).

If system playlists are enabled, then CTRL+NumPad 0 (or Command+NumPad 0 on OSX) shortcut will always be registered even if you disable all hotkeys. Also, after entering 00 while holding CTRL will enable all other CTRL+NumPad X hotkeys for a short amount of time, so that you will be able to load a system playlist. If you disabled hotkeys, then after loading a system playlist the hotkeys will be unregistered again (of course, unless you load 0022 playlist which enables all hotkeys again).

This section uses CTRL as a default modifier for loading playlists, but you should not forget, that you are able to change this behavior.